Westering Home is the story of Jean Abbott,  happily married for twenty years, who discovers that her husband Russ has been having an affair. Seeking time and space to rebuild her life, Jean flees to tiny Scottish island Eilean Dubh on the pretext of tracing an ancestor who emigrated from there. He’s the mysterious Ùisdean, whose letters to his lost lover Mòrag Jean found in her family’s papers.

Darroch Mac an Righ is a television actor and the reluctant laird of Eilean Dubh … reluctant because his great-grandfather gave up the title, telling the Islanders that they should rule themselves. Darroch has tried all his adult life to get rid of "that bloody Laird business," but his fellow Eilean Dubhannaich won’t let it go.

Jean thinks she knows Darroch when she first sees him, not realizing that he’s the star of her favorite public television show. When she speaks to him, Darroch thinks she’s trying to pick him up.

He snubs her.

Is this an auspicious beginning for a love affair?


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