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Westering Home (2003)

A Love Story with a Sea View

 American Jean Abbott finds friendship, music and love with actor/laird Darroch Mac an Righ on tiny Scottish island, Eilean Dubh.

432 pages,  6" X 9"  Soft Cover, $17.95  ($24.95 Canadian) 
ISBN: 1-59298-014-7    

Included in book:
Original tunes: "Audrey McClellan/Thistleonia" and "Eilean Dubh/Sarah and Thomas" by Sherry Ladig
    Scottish country dance: "Fŕilte gu Eilean Dubh" by Lara Friedman-Shedlov
    Gaelic-English glossary

The White Rose of Scotland (2004)

Everyone's entitled to some fantasy in their lives . . . and where better to find it than on a tiny Scottish island?

The second novel about Jean, Darroch and Eilean Dubh

358 pages, 6" X 9" Soft Cover, $17.95 ($24.95 Canadian)
ISBN: 1-59298-053-8

Includes new Sherry Ladig tunes and a new Scottish country dance by Lara Friedman-Shedlov


Magic Carpet Ride (2005)

A Love Story with a Sense of Humor


    Can a sweet, shy rug designer from Minneapolis find true love with a handsome, goofy, half-French, half-Scottish writer from Quebec?              Laissez le bon temps rouler!


   237 pages,  6" X 9",  Soft Cover, $17.95  ($24.95 Canadian) 
ISBN: 1-59298-094-5    

Gold Medal Award winner, ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Competition


                The Devil and the Dark Island (2006)

The third Eilean Dubh novel


   Ghostly wisps torment Bonnie Prince Jamie, an evil property developer lusts for Eilean Dubh's beautiful coastline, an archaeologist lusts for a Mesolithic site, and a newspaper editor  lusts for the archaeologist!

388 pages, 6" X 9", soft cover, $17.95 ($24.95 Canadian)

ISBN 10: 1-59298-132-1     ISBN 13: 978-1-59298-132-8

More original Sherry Ladig tunes and two new Scottish country dances, plus three Eilean Dubh folk tales with illustrations.


Rosie's Cčilidh (2007)

The fourth Eilean Dubh novel

Featuring nine-year-old Rosie, a corgi, a Dandie Dinmont terrier, and a mountain.  A story of courage, patience and perseverance for ages 12 and up . . . for the inner child in everyone.

159 pages, 6" X 9", soft cover, $14.95

Featuring illustrations, three new tunes and a Scottish country dance.


O'Leary, Kat and Cary Grant (2010)

Ever wish your cat could talk? Think again.

O’Leary is a rescue cat, smart, nosy, and psychic.  Kat Hennessey is a writer looking for the right cat and the right man.  Cary Rodrigo Grant is the most eligible man Kat's met in a cat's age.

The only problem is that O'Leary has this habit of disappearing into alternative realities . . .

223 pages, 6" X 9," soft cover, Amber Skye Publishing, 2010, $15.95


The Woman Who Loved Newfoundland (2011)

A romance on the Rock

Newfoundland. New-fun-land. Ever since she confused the two in fifth grade, Cleo English has wanted to visit the Canadian province known as the Rock. Now a twenty-nine year old teacher, she’s off to spend her summer looking for some “new fun” in the Rock’s Last Man Ashore Cove. Seductive B and B owner Max Avalon is more than ready to provide fun both new and old, when he’s not dealing with mice in the kitchen, demanding guests, a combative Spanish housekeeper, and eccentric fellow Newfoundlanders. 

But Cleo, still traumatized by her husband’s death three years ago, has an epiphany: are verbal sparring matches and madcap sex really all she’s looking for? Or does she want more than just a summer fling with the gorgeous Mr. Avalon? 

Sexy, funny and surprising, The Woman Who Loved Newfoundland is the story of a woman coming to terms with her past and creating a blueprint for her future. 

234 pages, 6" X 9," soft cover, 4Square Books, 2011, $14.95


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