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Audrey McClellan retired in July 2005 as a librarian at the Washburn Branch of the Minneapolis Public Library to devote more time to writing. She lives in south Minneapolis with husband Mike and two cats, Teddy and Bailee the Burmese.

Audrey has been active in the Minneapolis - St. Paul Celtic community for twenty-five years. She is past  president of the Twin Cities Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, co-founder and past president of the St. Piran's Cornish Society, and past vice-president of the St. David's Welsh Society and the St. Andrew's Society. She and husband Mike currently serve on the Board of the Scottish-American Center. They have traveled widely in Scotland and have an extensive collection of Celtic books and recordings.

She has published seven books, and is currently working on:

O'Leary, Kat and the Fairies from Hell -- a sequel to O'Leary, Kat and Cary Grant

Traditional Scottish music and the Gaelic language play a large part in Westering Home, The White Rose of Scotland, The Devil and the Dark Island and Rosie's Cilidh:

The language of Eilean Dubh is the Gaelic, considered by linguists the purest example of that ancient and noble tongue in all Scotland The accent is lilting and musical, and lends itself well to their exceptional body of native song.

Distinguished local musician/composer Sherry Ladig has written original tunes and lyrics for the Eilean Dubh books and RSCDS teacher Lara Friedman-Shedlov has devised Scottish country dances. Both music and dances are included in the books.

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