It had never crossed Jean Abbott’s mind that Russ would cheat on her …

Self-doubt gnawed at her as she stood in front of the mirror. She was not beautiful but she thought she was attractive: bright green eyes, nice features, hair an unusual red-brown. She kept her figure trim by brisk walks and twice-a-week workouts at the health club. She was good-natured and affectionate and she enjoyed and sometimes initiated sex. According to the books, she was doing everything right.

What has gone wrong with her marriage?

Darroch Mac an Righ has resigned himself to living alone the rest of his life after a love affair that ended badly and a disastrous marriage. Then he meets Jean …

"Gabh mo leisgeul," said a deep voice.  Jean woke with a start and looked up to find herself staring into a pair of astonishingly blue eyes.

Her first thought was that he was even taller than she’d realized when she’d encountered him in last night’s unfortunate incident. Her eyes had to travel up a long way to meet his, past a lean figure in jeans, a sweater almost as blue as his eyes and a Harris Tweed jacket that had seen better days.

"Excuse me," he said in English this time. Jean’s eyes focused uncomfortably on his. "Don’t we know each other?"

Darroch’s best friends are James MacDonald, a brilliant fiddle player nicknamed Bonnie Prince Jamie because he’s blond and beautiful, and his wife Màiri, redheaded, tough, independent.

Màiri and Darroch were lovers when they were very young and he still yearns for her even though she’s married to his best friend.

But now he’s falling for Jean …can he be in love with two women at the same time … and both of them married?


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