The White Rose of Scotland

There are three new love stories in The White Rose of Scotland:

Jeanís daughter Sally is courted by Ian MÚr MacDonald, Jamie and Mŗiriís handsome, supremely self-confident and incredibly overbearing son, who assumes that Sally will be delighted to marry him and make her home on Eilean Dubh. But Sallyís not sure about that; life on the Island seems too much like being in a Dickens novel, and she has other ideas about her future.

Ianís twin sister Eilidh finds that life in Edinburgh as a violinist in a chamber orchestra has many pitfalls, including a seductive fellow musician and a would-be rapist. Back home on the Dark Island, love is waiting in the person of young veterinarian Joe Munro, who is smitten to the heart by Eilidh, the beautiful fairy of Eilean Dubh, and freaked out by the voices he hears up on Cemetery Hill.

Then thereís Russ. Remember Russ? Cheating weasel-husband Russ, the reason Jean left Milwaukee broken-hearted? The one who thinks that love is unnecessary and commitment is a trap? Heís got a surprise coming in the person of Ruth, the woman next door, and he deserves everything he gets.

Sherry Ladig, Celtic/classical musician/composer, has been channeling Jamie again, and as a result has written five new tunes for The White Rose of Scotland, including her/Jamieís take on a Mozart tune to be played to his sheep. Royal Scottish Country Dance teacher Lara Friedman-Shedlov has written a new dance for one of the tunes. Dance and tunes are included in the book.


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